Contractor Management

West Lake shall strive to ensure all general contractor operations are carried out in accordance with applicable provincial legislation, national standards, and industry recommended practices. West Lake shall manage and engage all general contractors in a consistent and fair manner and shall cooperate with general contractors in the pursuit of addressing all issues that could potentially impact safety at a worksite.

  • Health and Safety Program: General contractors must have a functioning health and safety program that complies with provincial OHS legislation and industry standard. The health and safety program must be effectively implemented at the West Lake worksite.
  • Procedures: General contractor employers must provide written procedures for all critically hazardous task which their employees are expected to perform.
  • Compliance with West Lake Rules: General contractors must comply with all rules, policies, practices and guidelines as outlined West Lake’s Safety Management Program. In no case shall the work practices of a contractor be less stringent than those defined in West Lake’s Safety Management Program and its supporting documentation. Contractors must follow the most stringent rules, whether they be their own, West Lake’s, industry best practices or legislation.
  • Compliance with all applicable government legislation: General contractors must comply with all legislation including provincial and federal OHS legislation, standards, and any other industry recommended practices that pertain to the work being conducted.
  • ComplyWorks: General contractors must be in a low risk status on West Lake’s ComplyWorks vendor list.
  • Purchase Terms and Conditions: All Work requested by West Lake Energy Corp. and/or its Affiliates (collectively “WLEC”) for Goods and/or Services are subject to the following Purchase Terms and Conditions (“Terms”):
    WLEC Purchase Terms and Conditions
    These Terms and accompanying documents (collectively “Contractual Documents”) constitute the entire agreement between WLEC and the Vendor with respect to the provision of Work and supersede all prior communications and agreements (whether oral or written). Only in the presence of a valid and fully executed master goods and services agreement or industry recognized standard agreement which applies to the Work (“Other Agreement”) shall such Other Agreements supersede these Terms.
    Please Note – capitalized words or expressions in the above statements regarding Purchase Terms and Conditions shall have the same meanings as those defined by section 1. Definitions of the attached Terms.